Kyiv International Gallery, LLC was initially established in 1995 in Baltimore, Maryland by Dianna Eaton. In 2003, the gallery found its permanent home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Dianna frequently traveled to her homeland. Dianna mentored struggling artists, and today Kyiv International Gallery is the legacy of her thirty years experience as educator and advocate of Ukrainian art. Kyiv International Gallery is dedicated to sharing this revival with American audiences. We offer a diverse collection of paintings from Ukraine, contemporary art as well as works by international artists.

New forms of expression were not seen in Ukraine for nearly a century. The Gallery maintains a strong focus on contemporary artists and old masters. Kyiv International Gallery is pleased to offer the artistic talents of Ukrainian artists.

- A Letter to All

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I was born and spent my life in Kyiv before leaving the Soviet Union for America. I still have family there and, like so many around the world, have been shocked and horrified by Vladimir Putin’s brutal attack on my homeland. I call this ‘Putin’s attack’ since this is not the desire of the Russian people who share so many cultural, historical and familial bonds with Ukrainians. I weep for the people of both nations and their future under such totalitarian control.

Given the current circumstances, I can no longer in good conscience call my gallery ‘The Art of Russia’. Although the official name change may take some time, as of today the Art of Russia Gallery will be called Kyiv International Gallery in honor of the city of my birth.

For 20 years I have run my gallery here in Santa Fe, celebrating the work of some of the best historical and contemporary artists from across the many nations that made up the former Soviet Union. Together we have weathered good times and bad times and it has been my joy and pleasure to welcome so many of you to my gallery.

Kyiv International Gallery will continue to bring you the same outstanding historical and contemporary work that we have done for two decades and, as always, I look forward to welcoming you to the gallery whenever you visit Santa Fe. In the meantime, please always remember the Ukrainian people in your thoughts and prayers.

Stand with Ukraine!
-Written by Leo Eaton, February 2022. Leo will be remembered for his contribution to the world...