Happy Holidays From Kyiv International Gallery!

Holiday decorations are up at Kyiv International Gallery. Stop by to see our holiday collectibles including: wooden santas, tree ornaments, stacking dolls, jewelry, lacquer boxes, and more.

May this beautiful Holiday Season fill your heart with love, your home with comfort, and your life with happiness. It is the time of year for us to remember to be thankful for all that we have been given. We wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season.

With love and gratitude,
Dianna Eaton

We are looking forward to everything that Santa Fe has to offer during the season: skiing, farolitos, lights, events on the plaza, and performances. Here is a link to all of the events that are up and coming in Santa Fe for the Holiday Season!


Opera Season Has Started!

Opera season is here! We are lucky to have such a beautiful performance venue for these amazing shows.

This Year’s Shows: Tosca, The Flying Dutchman, Pelleas Et Melisande, Rusalka, Orfeo, Apprentice Scenes.

The Santa Fe Opera’s Crosby Theater has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most unique outdoor performance venues. The need to increase seating capacity, preserve the unique environmental performance experience, provide full coverage of the audience and seamlessly incorporate the theatrical systems was a challenge embraced by the entire design team.

Incorporating the original roof supporting star columns, two new roof canopies replaced the stage and auditorium canopies to form an acoustically reflective steel-ribbed, cable stayed structure. The firm analyzed individual sight-lines to expand the orchestra seating level and balcony boosting the seating capacity from 1,880 to 2,126 seats, while maintaining optimal views of the stage and developing a lobby plaza and bars. The new balcony canopy and over stage roof come together at their intersecting apex with a clerestory truss covering all the seats, while maintaining the feeling of the distinctive open-air quality that is one of the theater’s most alluring attributes. A clear vista over the stage house to the mountains in the distance is maintained.

The space is a direct reflection of the Opera’s ongoing mission to introduce new work and offer quality productions while maintaining an atmosphere unlike any other opera house in the world.

AUERBACH GLASOW Architectural Lighting



Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I was born and spent my life in Kyiv before leaving the Soviet Union for America. I still have family there and, like so many around the world, have been shocked and horrified by Vladimir Putin’s brutal attack on my homeland. I call this ‘Putin’s attack’ since this is not the desire of the Russian people who share so many cultural, historical and familial bonds with Ukrainians. I weep for the people of both nations and their future under such totalitarian control.

Given the current circumstances, I can no longer in good conscience call my gallery ‘The Art of Russia’. Although the official name change may take some time, as of today the Art of Russia Gallery will be called Kyiv International Gallery in honor of the city of my birth.

For 20 years I have run my gallery here in Santa Fe, celebrating the work of some of the best historical and contemporary artists from across the many nations that made up the former Soviet Union. Together we have weathered good times and bad times and it has been my joy and pleasure to welcome so many of you to my gallery.

Kyiv International Gallery will continue to bring you the same outstanding historical and contemporary work that we have done for two decades and, as always, I look forward to welcoming you to the gallery whenever you visit Santa Fe. In the meantime, please always remember the Ukrainian people in your thoughts and prayers.

Stand with Ukraine!

-Written by Leo Eaton, February 2022.
He will be remembered for his contribution to the world…