Spring (1961)

oil on board, 19.25″ x 13.5″

Aleksei Vasilievich Ivanov was born in 1936 in Sukhumi, Georgia, on the coast of the Black Sea. He showed signs of artistic abilities at an early age, and after graduating from high school Ivanov was admitted into the Krasnodar Art College. There he studied fine art and graphic design (1953 – 1958). He began participating in art shows in 1955, while still learning at the Krasnodar Art College.

In 1958 Ivanov moved to Sochi (in Crimea). In Sochi he pursued his artistic career and at the same time taught at several art studios.

Ivanov continued his artistic education in Moscow at the Polygraphic Institute (1971 – 1973). He is best known for his lyrical, somewhat impressionistic landscapes, and graphic designs.

Ivanov died in Sochi in the mid 1990s.