Kyiv Academy

oil on board, 19″ x 13.5″

A student of architecture, Alexander Derbenyov received his formal training at the Kiev Art Institute. Upon graduation, he pursued architecture as a career and garnered success, receiving the honorary title, “Architect of the USSR.” While participating in many exhibitions with numerous other awards in honor of his architectural design, the craftsman also studied painting.

With an intuitive sense of physical space and dimensions, Derbenyov’s fine art decidedly reflects his formal training in design. Even in the smallest pieces, like Kiev Suburbs in Winter, the spatial relations are well orchestrated to bundle the tiny canvas with well-defined objects and an intensely intimate sense of depth.

Throughout his work, Derbenyov’s affinity with the natural world is ever present. From the frostiest winter scene to the sunniest summer portrait, Derbenyov’s paintings display his careful attention to, and enjoyment of, the changing light of the day and colors of the seasons. Each landscape is imbued with a sense of quiet joy and true love for nature.